List of Premium Plans


Silver (Rs.1800): 90 Days validity  with Contacts / 25

Golden (Rs.3000): 180 Days validity  with Contacts / 60

Diamond (Rs.4000): 270 Days validity  with Contacts / 120

Till your Nikah (Rs.7000): 1000 Days validity  with Contacts / 220

All plan includes Instant message service

Become a Premium Member & Start a Conversation

Please send us a message with your question by clicking on Contact to Admin on the top-side-menu. Alternatively, you may send us an email at with a detailed description of the problem you are facing, or the question that you have.


How can I easily find compatible members? 

We have made the process of finding compatible members very easy for you, by automating it for you. But in order for the results to be accurate, you must make sure that your profile information is very accurate. After you login to your profile, click on the Search tab towards the top, and use whatever search options you like, and select criteria that’s important to you, to look for compatible matches. For an even easier way to find matches, click on the “My Dashboard” link. Then scroll down. You will see:A list of members.